3D Printing Service

If you found or modeled a 3D model but do not have a 3D printer to print it, Bulb Zone puts its array of 3D printers, its knowledge and does it for you.

To do so, just send us your model and your preferences : color, resolution and filling (or trust us with that 😉 ).


Order a 3D print

Multiple settings

Beside the the 3D filament and it’s color, one of the settings with the most impact on the printed object’s apparence is it’s resolution or layer height. According to your goal, that setting will change.

An object meant to be painted (figurine, cosplay) does not need to have a high resolution because in the end, the plastic will not even be visible. We can therefore save time and of course, money by using a large layer height : e.g. 300 microns.

However if the printed object will stay as is, the layer height will tremendously change the result and we can go down to 100 microns (meaning 3 times as much layers as 300 microns) to make them less visible and have an overall better object quality. At Bulb Zone, we print in 150 microns by default. It is the best quality/printing time ratio we found.

The number of layers increasing when we lower their heights, the printing time increases as well. An object taking 4h to print at 300 microns could take 12 at 100 microns !

In a similar way, we rarely print with a 100% infill, 15 to 25% is often enough to get an object with a natural feel and strong. So by playing with this setting, we can also reduce the cost of print



An estimated coast will be given automatically when you upload your 3D model.

Our pricing are based the kind of filament used (regular PLA or PETG, wood…), the weight of the object (quantity of matter used) and the resolution of the 3D print (affecting the machine’s use time) to which we add a 5€ startup coast. For a every resolution, we apply a different multiplier to the objects weight : respectively 0.16, 0.2 and 0.22 for 300, 150 and 100 microns.

Let’s take the example of an about 7x7x7 cm crystal printed in glittery green (at 200 microns on the picture).

At 15% infill it’s weight is 24g. Here are a few estimations for the price of that print with different resolutions :

300 microns : 5 + 24g * 0.16 = 8.84 €

150 microns : 5 + 24g * 0.2 = 9.8 €

100 microns : 5 + 24g *0.22 = 10.28 €


Order a 3D print


Order a 3D print


To order a 3D print via our 3D printing service, you can use our 3D Hubs above to upload directly your model and choose your preferences. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form bellow.