General Terms and Conditions of Sale


These general terms and conditions of sale are exclusively applied between Bulb Zone, as a company, registered in the trade and companies register under the number B 196160, publisher of the website and everyone visiting or purchasing via the website

Any user can read the general conditions of sale on the site These Terms and Conditions may be subject to change, the conditions applicable are those in effect on the site at the date of placing your order.



Any order imply an expressed and unreserved acceptance of the customer to these general conditions of sale.
For every order or booking, a confirmation mail will be sent. strives to maintain access to it’s website 24h per day, however, it’s liability can not be engaged in case interruption of service, especially in case of maintenance or technical difficulty. The customer declares that he knows about the limitations of internet technologies, regarding the consultation of information, file transfers and risks linked to the technology.

Any cancellation of order can only occur after the acceptance by the Company and will be confirmed in writing in the form of an email or will appear in the tab “My orders” of our platform

The Company reserves the right to cancel any order, to moderate or to cancel a customer account in the event of verbal or physical violence towards the employees, subcontractors, managers or customers of the company, the use of raw language being considered as part of verbal abuse.



The price displayed on the website are valid until any new publication cancels the previous conditions. Prices are subject to change without notice. In this case, the reference prices are those published on the websites (and not those appearing on the catalogs or paper supports). The prices are invoiced on the basis of the prices in force on the day of the order, they include all taxes, in euros and not including delivery fees.

For some works, is required to write specific quotes. In this case, the validity of the offer is limited to a month.



Orders are mainly paid online, by credit card or Paypal account.

No discount will be granted in case of advanced payment. In case of payment by bank transfer, the preparation of the order is only started after receipt of the payment.



An invoice is issued for each order. The invoices are available in the “My orders” tab of our platform Any credits granted will be the subject of a separate document from the invoice downloadable on the “My orders” tab of our platform



The delivery will be made at the address specified by the customer and repeated on the acceptance of order and will be considered as completed when the order arrives at the said address. Delivery times are given as information only and without any guarantee. Any delay in the execution of orders can not serve as a basis for the cancellation of these, to refuse the goods or to receive a compensation.

Delivery times appearing on may be subject to modification if the customer’s file need to be updated or if they are not standard and needed to be sent again.

The preparation of an order can only be made if the customer is up to date with its obligations towards the seller especially if there isn’t any late payment, including other deliveries than the one needed to be delivered.The goods, even free, are shipped at the risks of the recipient to whom it belongs to check the order condition at the time of delivery. This verification must relate to the quality, quantities and references of the goods and their conformity with the order. Shipping times are never guaranteed. Any delay due either to, either to the non-delivery by the customer of the documents envisaged or other obligation accepted at the agreed date, or to the occurrence of force majeure case, will rightly entail the application of additional delays.



The occurrence of a case of force majeure likely to delay, prevent or render economically exorbitant the execution of the sale has the effect of suspending the performance of the contractual obligations of the Company.

Is considered a case of force majeure, any event of any kind that is reasonably beyond the control of any of the parties such as, in particular, the occurrence of fire, rupture of supply of raw materials , power failure or breakdown of machines making it impossible to execute the entrusted work within the time limits, internet server failure making it impossible to access our platform, strike or lockout, interruption of the means of transport whatever the cause, legal or regulatory provisions affecting the production or delivery of products.

Constitue un cas de force majeure, tout événement de quelque nature qu’il soit, qui échappe raisonnablement au contrôle de l’une ou l’autre des parties tel que, notamment, la survenance d’incendie, rupture d’approvisionnement des matières premières, coupure d’électricité ou panne de machines rendant impossible l’exécution dans les délais prévus du travail confié, panne du serveur internet rendant impossible l’accès à notre plateforme, grève ou lock-out, interruption des moyens de transport quelle qu’en soit la cause, dispositions légales ou réglementaires affectant la production ou la livraison des produits.

If the event lasts longer than three months, the Company reserves the right to cancel the contract after this period without compensation.



Without prejudice to the clauses from article 5, the defects, missing, defects of packing noticed at the reception of the parcels must imperatively be put on the transport receipt after meticulous control of the delivery and to be the object of a mail with registered mail addressed to the carrier within a maximum of 48 hours, with a copy to the Company. In any case, disputes with carriers can not justify the non-payment of invoiced goods.

Any dispute relating to the quality of the goods may be accepted within 7 working days at the latest following the date of actual receipt of the goods or the date of signature of the discharge, made to the carrier. The dispute must be sent by registered letter to the registered office of the Company. Our company guarantees in case of defective delivery that the exchange of goods for products in accordance with the details of the order excluding all damages and interest for damage suffered directly or indirectly, and in particular in case of a force majeure incident, from a fortuitous event or in the case of an event that would make it impossible for us to fulfill our obligations.

In the case of sales made at assembly workshops in which the customers participate, the sale is made at the time of the opening of the packaging of the product by the customer and the company can not be held responsible for any damage caused on the product by the customer during the assembly workshop. For any complaint concerning the product after the day of the workshop, the customer will have to contact the customer’s service of the company by following the instructions given on the site



The customer has a period of 14 calendar days from the reception of a product to return it. The customer has no obligation to justify its decision but must notify Bulb Zone by email via the contact form or by mail to:

BULB ZONE s.a.r.l

9 rue des Trois Cantons

L-8399 Windhof



To be eligible for a return the product must not have been used, in its original packaging and accompanied by a proof of purchase, the costs of sending the return are the responsibilities of the customer.

Once the product has been received and inspected, the customer will be informed as soon as possible of its reception and the status of the refund following the inspection.
If approved, the refund will be made via the mean of payment originally used. If, on the other hand, the product is damaged (scratches, breaks, etc.), the refund will be refused or made with a discount.



The absence of full payment by the original deadline, including extension of deadline expressly granted by the Company, will automatically result in the obligation for the customer to pay interest in agios calculated at the rate of the European Central Bank (ECB). ) corresponding to the refi rate (0.25% as of November 7, 2013) plus 11 points, or 11.25%, and this since the date of delivery without the need for prior notice. The Company will be entitled for any other subsequent contract to require, in addition to the settlement of the receivables, the full and immediate payment of the entire order.

In the event that the recovery should be effected by judicial means, and regardless of the right of the Company to terminate the contract for which the customer does not fulfill all its obligations, it will be due in addition to the amount of the invoice, of either a compensation of 10% the amount due, or the actual costs incurred if they are higher, in addition to late interest.



The Customer is aware of the rights to intellectual property and thereby undertakes not to use the information he/she finds on the platform or transmitted in the form of physical workshops by the team from other than privately. The computer files (free or paid) made available and necessary for the training are the exclusive property of

The Customer is entirely responsible for the use of the chosen files and for which the Company is not subject to any control obligation. The Customer is solely responsible for the omission of mandatory legal information including the obligation to include the identity of the owner of the intellectual property.

Also, the Company can not be held responsible for the uses made by the knowledge learned during training. These should not be used in ways that violate laws and regulations in their particular countries of use, and not only intellectual property laws, the protection of human rights, child or animals, the regulation of weapons.

The responsibility of the Company can not in any case be sought.



In application of the information technology law and freedoms, the platform issues a declaration to the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) under the number: 1771995 v 0.

The customer can access information concerning him, ask for their rectification or demand to no longer appear in our database.



In the event of litigation, either on the realization of works or on the present general conditions of sale, the French tribunal de commerce will be the only competent, even in case of plurality of defendants or of forced intervention call in.